SCHRITT can upgrade your escalators with components to ensure your escalators will perform more reliably to maximize rider safety.

Escalator skirt brushes

Brushes mounted on the stationary skirts, just above the moving steps, help keep passengers from placing their feet against the step-skirt interface.

Anti-creeping device

Protect against the risk of passengers climbing the escalator.

Safety comb fingers for escalators

It’s important that passengers entering and exiting an escalator clearly see the point where the stationary comb plate meets the moving steps. Bright yellow comb fingers help call attention to this important transition area.

Step demarcation lighting

This under-step lighting helps passengers notice the “break” between steps, encouraging them to stand solidly on a single step.

Balustrade Lighting

Robust balustrade lighting combines mechanical features with decorative lighting. Gives and indoor or outdoor escalator
a sturdy appearance. Slim balustrade lighting gives an indoor escalator a pleasantly slim look. Hand rail appears to be flowing on the glass above a slim light line.

Auto-start by microwave/photocell sensors

Escalators with automatic operation conserve energy by running slowly in Stand-by. If there are no passengers on an escalator, the escalator goes into Stand-by  and runs at a reduced speed. However, when the escalator detects a passenger approaching the entrance landing, it gradually increases the speed to the rated speed.