SCHRITT offers comprehensive range of passenger elevators solutions for all type of buildings such as residential, commercial or public. SCHRITT Passenger Elevators incorporate excellent quality, safety, comfort and style in every case.

Wide range of cabin finishes, landing doors, false ceilings, hand rails, floors and car operating panels makes high aesthetic and robust cabins for elevators.

Perfect combination of German technology, energy saving permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor, microprocessor control, VVVF drive and elegant cabin designs certainly give safe, smooth and comfortable ride to the passengers.

Energy Saving and Environment Friendly

SCHRITT passenger elevators uses new generation permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine which consumes 40% less energy compares to conventional machines.

Advanced Optional Functions:

  • Destination Dispatch Function – According to the different stops of the passengers, this function can optimize the allocation of multiple passenger elevators to reduce the stops and provide more efficient service.
  • Remote Monitoring System – Passenger Elevators are equipped with remote monitoring network system to achieve fault detection and management. This greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of after sales service and the elevator safety.
  • Advanced Control System – Using dual 32 bit embedded microprocessor to complete the passenger lifts operation functions and motor drive control.
  • Intelligent Identification Systems – Face recognition and IC card to control the passenger elevators which greatly enhance the safety of the building and passengers feel comfortable.


Model Capacity Travel Height Speed
Traction With Machine Room (MR) 450kg-1600kg Upto 90m 1.0 m/s – 2.5 m/s
Traction Without Machine Room (MRL) 450kg-1600kg Upto 80m 1.0 m/s – 2.5 m/s
High Speed Elevators 1250kg-1600kg Upto 180m 2.5 m/s – 4.0 m/s

Proposed Cabins