SCHRITT Moving Walks offer safety, reliability, energy saving and efficiency at a maximum level to satisfy the most demanding horizontal and inclined transportation requirements. We deliver high quality, reliable solutions that have a low total cost of ownership.

SCHRITT Moving Walks caters to airports, shopping malls and metro stations since they are the ideal solution for the transportation of heavy luggage, shopping carts and trolleys. While safety is the priority, we do not neglect to offer a smooth and comfortable ride to our passengers.


Model Step Width Inclination Vertical Rise Speed
Commercial 800/1000 (mm) 10°/11°/12° Height Upto 8m 0.5 m/s
Public Transport/ Heavy Duty 800/1000/1200/1400 (mm) Length Upto 200m 0.5 m/s/ 0.65m/s

Proposed Hand Rails

Proposed Steps