SCHRITT Escalators, complying European Standard EN115, are adopted advanced technology and high grade, low-wear and tear components to carry on its design and manufacture. Whether it is shopping mall, supermarket, subway, train station, airport or exhibition center, SCHRITT offers wide range of designs from standard to highly customized.

With its VVVF energy saving and photo sensor automatic start, smart power management during times of low passenger traffic, the SCHRITT Escalator is one of the most energy efficient and eco-friendly escalator in retail operations.


Model Step Width Inclination Vertical Rise Speed
Commercial/ Slim line 600/800/1000 (mm) 30°/35° Upto 8m 0.5 m/s
Public Transport/ Heavy Duty 600/800/1000 (mm) 27.3°/30° Upto 15m 0.5 m/s/0.65m/s

Proposed Hand Rails

Proposed Steps