Schritt is a professional designer, supplier, installer and maintainer of elevators, escalators and moving walks. Combined with German Technology and Italian esthetics we supply high quality elevators, escalators and moving walks. The manufacture of our products are strictly in compliance with European standards. Our range of products include passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, high speed elevators, home lifts, hospital elevators, freight elevators, hydraulic elevators, dumb waiters, escalators, moving walks and car parking systems. At present combined with German technology, we can supply upto 8 m/s speed, 8 group-controlled elevators with 64 floors, 8m height escalators and 200m length moving walks.

Schritt is committed to protect the environment, thus focus on the eco-friendly and energy-efficient products that can lead to significant energy savings.

Safety is most important for Schritt. Precision details control in manufacturing and monitoring the real time situation of each lift we care your safety in any time.

Schritt elevators, escalators and moving walks are manufactured in Italy & P.R.C. Due to collaboration with biggest European companies, Schritt is importing components from specialized suppliers in order to ensure high quality in every product used. All our products combine the most advanced technology, innovative designs and décor that suits any project and budget. Whether it is basic elevators, custom designed products or premium elevators with traditional contemporary designs, we have right solutions for all.

Schritt is committed to excellence in customer satisfaction. Our policy is to offer customers direct and complete support in terms of materials, components and services provided before and after every sale. Our endeavor is to ensure that every customer of Schritt remains satisfied with our products and services.

In line with our vision of “Being The Schritt (Step) To The World To Make It A Better Place To Live’’, we always strive for high quality, environmental friendly and innovative products and services.